for a superior result, we recommend the following preparation process:
  • shower and shave as normal.  It is best to have at least one hour between finishing your prep and your appointment.  Longer than one hour is fine as well. 
  • exfoliate with baking soda before exiting the shower and rinse completely
  • do not apply any product(s) to your skin
  • loose fitting, dark colored clothing must be worn after your spray session for at least four hours
  • DO NOT wear denim or any items with Spandex, this includes bras of any kind
  • flip flops or loose fitting slippers are ideal. no socks or leather sandals
  • pedicures and waxing services should be completed before your spray session
  • you should refrain from getting wet and/or sweating for your cure time. be mindful of the weather and dress accordingly

The longevity of your spray tan is determined by a number of factors, including skin type, preparation, maintenance and daily activity.  Most of our clients report their tans lasting between 5 to 7 days.

We typically use a solution that has a built in “color guide” or “bronzer”. This is a colored additive (FDA approved food coloring) that allows us to see exactly where the solution is being sprayed. After your cure time and you’re able to shower, most of the color guide will come off.  This is completely normal and expected.  Your DHA tan that remains should not “rub off” until your skin naturally exfoliates and sloughs off, toward the end of the seven days from your spray day.

You will have significant color from just one session at no fry zone.  If done properly, spray tanning is not a procedure in which several layers need to be applied to have a substantial color change.  In fact, it is best to allow most if not all of your previous spray tan to wear off naturally before being sprayed again.
Each client is evaluated based on their natural skin tone and a solution is selected just for them. Fair skinned clients will never be able to be the darkest person in the room and still look natural.  We will not utilize a solution that will make your tan look fake or unnatural.

Our sunless tanning solution DOES NOT include any sunscreen or protection from the sun.  You must use a sunscreen for UV protection.

Personalized spray tanning is unique in the way it can manipulate the amount of solution to any specific areas of the body. If a strapless gown is in your near future, we can apply our products to the whiter areas,then blend the entire area, so it appears as if it is one even hue.

You may make an appointment at any time by calling 812.760.5876. We do not accept appointments via any form of social media, however if you are a returning client, you are welcome to text the same number and schedule via text. Currently, we schedule clients on an appointment basis only. This allows us to provide individualized service to each of our clients at their convenience.

We suggest wearing dark, loose clothing during your cure time.  After your initial post-spray shower, you are free to wear whatever you like.
We also offer clear solutions as well, which provide the same great tan, minus the cosmetic bronzer. Clear solutions are highly suggested for bridal wear.

Yes, after your cure time has passed.

We offer disposable garments for men and women at no charge.  Disposable garments offer minimal coverage, so if you´re modest, we suggest bringing an old or dark colored bathing suit or undergarments.  ALL clients must wear some type of lower extremity coverage.  Upper body coverage is optional.

Please do not bring your children to your spray session without an adult present to care for them during your session.